Reach everyone, everywhere with Inrico Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) technology!

Experience seamless team communications anytime, anywhere with our PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) radios. Utilizing public 3G/4G(LTE) networks, solutions from Inrico Canada allow you to connect with your team instantly via push-to-talk (or PTT) technology. Continue in this page to get an overview of the devices and solutions from Inrico Canada.

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Inrico IRC590 PoC Radio

Rugged build; bigger battery capacity and better functionality with a screen that allows you read information conveniently; even when the PoC radio is mounted on your belt. Check out the following powerful functionality:

  • Unlimited Channels
  • 6400mAh Large Battery
  • OTA Channel Programming
  • AES256 Encryption Algorithms
  • Non-Slip Design for a Firm Grip
  • 1.08" Top Flippable Screen
  • IP68 & MIL-STD 810H

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​Key Features and Benefits of Inrico PoC Radios and Software Solutions

Get everything you need to empower your team with the power of PoC radios!

When you need quick help from your team, PoC radios are the way to go. No waiting, no ringing, just instant communication. Inrico PoC radios are all about getting things done efficiently and keeping your team connected seamlessly.

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Push-To-Talk (PTT) - Voice, Text, Video

Inrico PoC radios are easy to use, with a dedicated PTT button for easy PTT operations. Get access to instant individual and group communications with your team, allowing you to easily grow your business through improved communications. View all Inrico PoC radios in our inventory.

Secure Data Management

Get a range of data management and tracking features that enhance your ability to make well-informed business choices. Inrico's system architecture includes hardware and software products secured with 256 encryption key for your own private PTT network management.

Crisp Clear Audio

Enjoy crisp and clear listening from all Inrico PoC radios. No need to adjust antennas or acquire extra accessories. However, if needed, we also carry various types of useful accessories for any type of need. Browser our collection of Inrico PoC radio accessories.

Nationwide Coverage - 4G or WiFi

Inrico PoC radios harnessing the already abundant public cellular networks to connect with team members across vast distances. This is done at the most affordable rates possible. To learn more, check out our cellular services for PoC.

Flexible Deployment & Expansions

Effortlessly scale your PoC network without breaking the bank. No need for expensive upgrades. If you're also operating a traditional two way radio system (LMR) and would like to include PoC radios without loosing previous investments. We have the tools to help merge both PoC and LMR. Contact us for details.

Intelligent Dispatch

Streamline your PTT processes using Inrico's approved iConvNet PTT app along with its dispatch software, which allows map-based dispatch, scheduled broadcasts and many more useful features. For ease, Dispatch can also be accessed via browser. Learn about iConvNet Dispatch.

Inrico PoC Software & Services

Bundle-Up and Save!

Along with portable and mobile PoC radios, we also offer all the services you need to operate your own PoC radio network in the most intelligent way. Check out all our PoC radio services below then reach out to us to subscribe.

iConvNet PTT App

(for Android/iOS)

$10/month per device

iConvNet is a professional PTT app. Connection is required (cellular/Wi-Fi access) to access app features.


Cellular Data Alone

(for PoC)

$15/month per device

Get up to 500 MB of data for your PoC communications, only from reliable service providers.


iConvNet PTT App + Cell Data

$25/month per device

This bundles up subscription for the Inrico App, as well as a SIM card that provides up to 500MB of Canadian cellular data.


Dispatch Software Alone (for PC)

$20/month per device

Inrico dispatch software allows effective coordination of your team's PTT network in a unified way. PC version only.


Get Connected: with cell services from Canadian Wireless Supply

PoC radios need to be connected via Wi-Fi or cellular in order to operate. CWS offers cell data, which we deploy via a SIM card we can ship to you. Our plans are straightforward, with a monthly subscription that covers up to 500MB of data. Make inquiries today.

Make Inquiries 

Schedule a call with CWS and claim exclusive Inrico deals!

Give us a call at (888) 880-5751 or complete the form to communicate your questions, concerns or any topics you'd like to raise regarding Inrico Canada.

If you would like to request PoC radio services, including: cellular data, iConvNet PTT App, iConvNet Dispatch or PTT Management Services (Enterprise) for your Inrico PoC radio(s), please complete the form or give us a call.

If calling or chatting with us, note that our agents are available 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mountain Time, Mondays to Fridays (except Canadian public holidays).

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