PRESIDENT Leads the Future of CB and Ham Radio Technology

The PRESIDENT name is intimately acquainted with the world of CB radios.

PRESIDENT is the representative of a Citizen Band, which brings purist CB users and technology amateurs of the whole world together.

By actively listening to valuable feedback, advice, and ideas from its users, PRESIDENT Electronics integrates these insights into the development of new products, fostering a continual process of improvement. As a result of this unwavering commitment to excellence, PRESIDENT's products have earned a reputation for their exceptional quality and unmatched user satisfaction. Explore our diverse range of PRESIDENT products and experience firsthand why PRESIDENT CB and Ham radios stand as the top choice among users.

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PRESIDENT CB and Ham radios offer a wide range of exceptional features, including up to 40 channels, compatibility with 12/24v power systems, intuitive and user-friendly interface, multi-function LCD displays with up to seven colors, a variety of available accessories, powerful antennas, and much more. Explore the PRESIDENT products listed below for comprehensive details.

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Take advantage of advanced technology from the 21st century.

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PRESIDENT Electronics Warranty Information

PRESIDENT Electronics' products are backed by industry-leading warranties, available in 2, 3, and 10-year formats. Discover the specific application and coverage details below:

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CB Radio For Outdoor Adventurers

Compact High Power CB - Radio PRESIDENT BILL II FCC

Hikers, campers, Jeep clubs, 4x4 groups, off-road enthusiasts, hunters, wilderness explorers, etc. can use the PRESIDENT BILL II FCC CB radio for safety and communication purposes while exploring remote regions. Here are some useful highlights of this radio:

  • 40 channels AM / FM
  • USB 5V / 2.1A
  • Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
  • Manual squelch and ASC
  • Multi-function LCD display
  • Scan + Scan Skip
  • Roger Beep Function
  • Weather channel with Alert
  • Microphone Electret or Dynamic
  • External loudspeaker jack

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Jeep Club
Recreational Vehicle Owners
Wilderness Explorers

The only handheld CB radio with AM/FM Modes - PRESIDENT RANDY II FCC

Introducing the cutting-edge FM mode handheld, setting a new standard in its category. Perfect for outdoor adventures OR use as you wish, and explore the endless possibilities it offers.

This compact yet powerful handheld surprises users with capabilities typically found in larger mobile radios. One notable feature is the new scan/skip function, allowing you to easily skip unwanted channels during scans. Here are some additional key features:

  • FM Mode
  • Updated! Scan: new Skip/Scan feature
  • Battery : Lithium-Ion
  • Frequencies display
  • Weather channel with Alert

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Benefit from Factory Technical Supports 

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in wireless technology, our dedicated team is ready to offer assistance for seamless vehicle installations and maintenance of PRESIDENT Electronics products. For inquiries, you can reach out to Canadian Wireless Supply (CWS). We are here to help!

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CB Radio For Truckers and Drivers On The Long Haul

Compact and Easy-To-Use With Front Mounted USB Charging Jack - PRESIDENT TAYLOR FCC

Compact and easy to use radio! It boasts a size smaller than the Cobra 25, ensuring that buttons and controls remain easily accessible without being cramped. Stay updated with NOAA weather stations and alerts, and in case of emergencies, a convenient switch instantly takes you to channel 9 or 19. Customize the display color and brightness for comfortable visibility without any blinding effects. Check out some of its key features:

  • Muilti-Color Display
  • 12 / 24 V Power Supply
  • Built-in SWR Meter - Found in function menu
  • Receives NOAA Weather Stations and Alerts
  • 2.1A USB Jack

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Ham Radio For Amateur Radio Operators

Power-Packed! Unmatched SSB Performance - PRESIDENT LINCOLN II PLUS

Prepare to stand out from the crowd as the PRESIDENT LINCOLN II PLUS takes CB radios to a whole new level. Unlike its competitors, this radio offers an abundance of customizable options through advanced software, granting you full control of your communication experience. With the new model, you can now tweak the Time Out Timer (TOT) to suit your transmission needs precisely.

Say goodbye to annoying background noise with the Automatic Squelch Control (ASC). Check out some key NEW features of PRESIDENT LINCOLN II +:

  • Enhanced Echo with adjustable delay, putting you in command of your audio effects.
  • 50 Watts PeP of raw power, boosting your output to unprecedented levels.
  • Enjoy seamless compatibility with 6-Pin Wireless Microphones for effortless communication.
  • Explore the expanded frequency coverage, now reaching 12 meters for broader horizons.

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Had enough of shoddy, short-lived CB products that disappoint?

Your search ends here! PRESIDENT Electronics USA crafts CB radios of unparalleled quality—no compromises. Prepare to be blown away by the exceptional features, unbeatable pricing, and, above all, the rock-solid reliability found across all their cutting-edge PRESIDENT lines. Don't settle for less; embrace the best! Check out our line of PRESIDENT Electronics.