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President George AM/FM/SSB CB Radio
This radio is loaded with features like FM mode and CTCSS tones to give you clearer transmissions, and added privacy.
399.99 399.99 CAD
President Walker III AM/FM CB Radio
Packed with sought-after attributes like built-in weather functionality. This is a CB radio designed for all.
249.99 249.99 CAD
President Randy II AM/FM Portable CB Radio
The one and only handheld CB radio that offers both AM and FM modes.
249.99 249.99 CAD
President Harrison AM/FM CB Radio
This compact wonder packs in AM/FM/WX channels with CTCSS/DCS encoding, making your transmission smoother than ever before
239.99 239.99 CAD
President Bill II AM/FM CB Radio
Experience the convenience of the smallest AM/FM CB available today! A Compact Feature-Rich CB Radio with Weather Alerts, a Front USB Port for Phone Charging, and so much more.
179.99 179.99 CAD
President Thomas AM/FM CB Radio
Compact, powerful, and equipped with a high-current USB jack and vibrant color-changing display, it's the ultimate radio upgrade for modern enthusiasts.
149.99 149.99 CAD