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Get the most out of your Inrico PoC radio. Browse this page for add-on products and services you can get from us. Contact us if you need more support.

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iConvNet - Professional PTT App

iConvNet is Inrico's approved PTT app, since Inrico's devices are designed to work seamlessly with the app, allowing you to get the most out of your PoC radio.

Connection is required (cellular/Wi-Fi access) to access app features. Check out some of the app features below and subscribe or try the app before you buy.


iConvNet PTT App Features

iConvNet comes in two versions. The Pro Version comes with all the standard features like individual or group PTT calls and messages, SOS, replay calls, and so much more. The Industry Version on the other hand will grant you access to all the video functions, as well as the standard features of the Pro Version.

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Individual or Group PTT Calls and Messages

Inrico ensures you're always heard, whether it's a group chat or a one-on-one conversation, making work smoother.

SOS and Emergency Functions

Prioritizing safety in communication, the app features an SOS button that can help streamline your emergency planning.

Video Dispatch (Industry Version Only)

Connect with your team through video calling and duplex call recording.

Message Replay - Never miss a thing

Replay messages whenever needed, allowing workers to focus entirely on the current task.

Want to use Zello with your Inrico PoC radio instead of iConvNet (Inrico's approved PTT app)?
Learn about how it works from our supplier, Inrico Canada.

Zello - Inrico

iConvNet - Professional Dispatch Console

The iConvNet Dispatch Console serves as a centralized push-to-talk dispatch platform, automatically distributing calls to assist dispatchers in prioritizing workloads and providing faster support to the frontline.

iConvNet's dispatch console is available for installation on Windows OS (also accessible through browser).

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Map Dispatch

Map-based integration that enables GPS positioning, track playback, and map-based dispatch operations with one-click and circle selection on the operator terminal.

Voice Dispatch

Dispatch via full duplex, override, interrupt, ambient listening, transfer, line order, PTT individual call, and all calls.

Message Dispatch

Get access to dispatch via message broadcasts, individual messaging, text, photo, video, and voice notes.

PTT Dispatch

Dispatch intelligently via group calls, individual calls, all calls, temporary group calls, authority management (stun/kill), priority call log, multi-group monitoring, recording, SOS Alarms.

Video Dispatch

Get access to two-way video dispatch, live broadcasting, live monitoring of multi-channel videos (16 channels), video distribution and video recording.

Patrol Management

Manage a variety of patrol features, including: patrol point, patrol area, patrol schedule, patrol statistics and more...

Secure Industry Scalability

With ASE256 Encryption.

Device Management

Manage devices on your network over-the-air and define their user groups/channels.

Get 500 MB of Cellular Data.

Your PoC radio only needs to be connected to data services in order to operate. While you can use your existing Wi-fi to connect your PoC device, we make it easy for you to get nationwide connections to any number of PoC radios you desire.

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Bundle-up and save!

Get Cellular Data + iConvNet

Simplify your PoC set up process and get both cellular data and iConvNet PTT app at the same time.

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Accessorize your Inrico PoC radio(s)

Discover accessories tailored for your PoC radio by selecting the appropriate button for your device. Accessories are a great way elevate your elevate your PoC radio experience. For instance, a 2-wire acoustic tube earpiece, (popular among private security users) enables the personnel to operate their PoC radio without having to grab the radio itself. PTT operations can then be facilitated via the earpiece, allowing the security personnel to push the PTT button on the earpiece whenever they need to speak.

If you're ever in doubt about the compatibility of available accessories, reach out to us for a chat about your needs.

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iConvNet Dispatch Console functions as a centralized push-to-talk dispatch solution that intelligently distributes calls, assisting dispatchers in efficiently managing tasks and providing rapid support to the frontline. 
The PTT Management software gives you to freedom to manage your own PoC network on your own terms, allowing you to add or remove users when needed. Popularly used by large organizations, the PTT Management tool also allows you to control the features available to the PoC radios on your network.
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