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Get the most out of your Inrico PoC radio. Browse this page for add-on products and services you can get from us. Contact us if you need more support.

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Get iConvNet - Professional PTT App (only)

iConvNet is Inrico's approved PTT app, as Inrico devices are designed to work seamlessly with iConvNet, allowing you to get the most out of your Inrico PoC radio.

Connection is required (cellular/Wi-Fi access) to access app features. Check out some of the app features below and subscribe.

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iConvNet PTT App Features

iConvNet comes in two versions. The Pro Version comes with all the standard features of a typical PTT app, including: individual or group PTT calls, messaging, SOS, replay calls, and so much more. The Industry Version on the other hand comes with all the standard features + video features. If you don't need video PTT calling, then you should opt for the iConvNet Pro Version.

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Individual or Group PTT Calls and Messages

Inrico ensures you're always heard, whether you decide to talk to groups or for individual conversations to members of your network. iConvNet makes it easy to connect, making you work smoother.

Video Dispatch (Industry Version Only)

Connect with your team members and dispatch through video calling and duplex call recording.

Group Monitor

iConvNet allows you to scan and monitor other groups even when your PoC radio is not directly set to PTT directly to that group. In practical terms, if for instance you are operating within your team's assigned group, you can set your radio to monitor a separate group designated for "Safety", to ensure you do not miss communications from the Safety group.

SOS and Emergency Functions

Prioritize safety in your communications. iConvNet seamlessly allows you to use the SOS button found on Inrico PoC radios. Not all PTT apps will allow you to seamlessly gain access to the SOS button. iConvNet makes it easy.

Improving your team's safety with Inrico PoC radios 

Man Down and Static Alarm

Through iConvNet settings, the Man Down option will automatically trigger the SOS alarm if a radio is laying down flat or at a certain angle, while the "Static Alarm" enables a timer, which measures inactivity.

Message Replay - Never miss a thing!

Replay messages whenever needed, allowing workers to focus entirely on the current task.

Want to use Zello with Inrico PoC radio instead of iConvNet?

Learn about how Zello works with Inrico PoC radios from our supplier's website - Inrico Canada.

Zello - Inrico

Get iConvNet - Professional Dispatch (only).

The iConvNet Dispatch serves as a centralized push-to-talk dispatch platform, automatically distributing calls to assist dispatchers in prioritizing workloads and providing faster support to the frontline.

iConvNet's dispatch console is only available for installation on Windows OS. There is also  (also accessible through browser).

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Map Dispatch

Map-based integration that enables GPS positioning, track playback, and map-based dispatch operations with one-click and circle selection on the operator terminal.

Voice Dispatch

Dispatch via full duplex, override, interrupt, ambient listening, transfer, line order, PTT individual call, and all calls.

Message Dispatch

Get access to dispatch via message broadcasts, individual messaging, text, photo, video, and voice notes.

PTT Dispatch

Dispatch intelligently via group calls, individual calls, all calls, temporary group calls, authority management (stun/kill), priority call log, multi-group monitoring, recording, SOS Alarms.

Setup Groups and Radio Features

When using the Dispatch software, iConvNet allows the creation of groups, adding users to the groups, as well as deploying specific features to the devices.

Video Dispatch

Get access to two-way video dispatch, live broadcasting, live monitoring of multi-channel videos (16 channels), video distribution and video recording.

Patrol Management

Manage a variety of patrol features, including: patrol point, patrol area, patrol schedule, patrol statistics and more...

Secure Operability

Comes with ASE256 Encryption by default, ensuring your conversations are secured.

Device Management

Manage devices on your network over-the-air and define their user groups/channels.

Broadcast Messages

iConvNet allows you to broadcast messages to groups in voice, text and videos. Broadcasts can also be scheduled for effective team planning and management.

Get Cellular Data (only).

Your PoC radio only needs to be connected to data services in order to operate. While you can use your existing Wi-fi to connect your PoC device, we make it easy for you to get nationwide connections to any number of PoC radios you desire.

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Bundle-up and save!

Get Cellular Data + iConvNet

Simplify your PoC set up process and get both cellular data and iConvNet PTT app at the same time. We charge $25 per month per device on a month-to-month billing cycle.

NEW INRICO OWNERS - Effective March 1, 2024all Inrico PoC radio purchases from us will qualify for complimentary cellular data + iConvNet PTT app usage for the initial two months.
EXISTING INRICO RADIO OWNERS - Additionally, existing users of Inrico PoC radios are eligible for three months of free cell data + iConvNet PTT app access when choosing a one-year subscription.

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Typical Service Charges: Cell data + iConvNet (PTT app and dispatch)

Monthly Plan
PoC RadiosCellular Data Service + iConvNet PTT App ($25 per device per month)Dispatch ($10 per PC per month)Total Payment (per month)
2 person team$25 x 2 radios$10 x 1 dispatch*$50 (or $60 with Dispatch) + tax
10 person team$25 x 10 radios$10 x 1 dispatch*** $250 (or $260 with Dispatch) + tax

Yearly Plan (Get 3 months FREE)
PoC RadiosCellular Data Service + iConvNet PTT App ($225 per device per year) - ** With three months FREE (save $75)Dispatch ($90 per PC per year) - ** With three months FREE (save $30)Total Payment (per year)
2 person team$225 x 2 radios (**save $75 per device per year)*$90 x 1 dispatch$450 (or $540 with Dispatch) + tax
10 person team$225 x 10 radios (**save $75 per device per year)$90 x 1 dispatch*** $2,250 (or $2,340 with Dispatch) + tax
*Dispatch is not necessary for small teams. However, large teams can greatly benefit.
**Get 3 months FREE when you opt for a one-year subscription of cellular data + iConvNet PTT App and Dispatch.
***You do not need more that one dispatch per team. Contact us if you have questions or find learning resources from Inrico Canada blog ​

Buy an Inrico PoC radio, get 2 months FREE

Cell data + iConvNet PTT App

Effective March 1, 2024 - all Inrico PoC radios purchased from Canadian Wireless Supply will be eligible for FREE cellular data + iConvNet PTT app from the first two months of purchase. Services will no longer be free after the first two months.

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Subscribe for 1 year plan, get 3 months FREE

Cell data + iConvNet PTT App + Dispatch

Everyone is included! Even existing users of Inrico PoC radios can benefit. Sign up for a one-year term of cell data + iConvNet PTT app + Dispatch and receive three months for free. This translates to payment for only nine months!

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Accessorize Your Inrico PoC radio(s)

Discover accessories tailored for your PoC radios. Select your radio from the items below to access their accessories.

Accessories are a great way to elevate your PoC radio experience. For instance, a 2-wire acoustic tube earpiece, (popular among private security users) enables the user to operate their PoC radio without having to grab the radio itself. PTT operations can then be facilitated via the earpiece, allowing the security personnel to push the covertly located PTT button whenever they need to communicate.

If you're ever in doubt about the compatibility of available accessories, reach out to us for a chat about your needs.

Find your PoC radio below and click on the button to find all the available accessories for your PoC radio.

Troubleshooting Your Inrico PoC Radio

Inrico PoC Radios

The SIM card or SD card may be improperly installed; please remove and reattach the SIM card or SD card. Poor contact issues may arise from dirty or damaged metal contacts on your SIM card or SD card; please clean the metal contacts and try again.

  1. Please make sure the SIM card functions well or settle outstanding charges.
  2. The SIM card lacks authorization for data services; kindly get in touch with the service provider to enable data services.
  3. The radio may be out of coverage or experiencing a weak signal.
  4. Although both data and WLAN are activated, the WLAN connection is either weak or unavailable. Please disable WLAN.

If you subscribe to cellular services from us, you can reach out directly to us to troubleshoot your cell services. If purchased from other Inrico Canada dealers, reach out directly to your dealer.

You can access the GPS position information of the radios on your network through the iConvNet Dispatch console. To ensure access to GPS information, follow these steps:

  1. Install the iConvNet Dispatch software on your PC. Alternatively, you can access iConvNet through a browser. Ensure you have a valid license to access the console, whether through a browser or PC software.
  2. Confirm that GPS feature is enabled in the Inrico PoC radios on your network. Users can enable their GPS through "Settings" in the Android interface. See Google for details 
  3. All PoC radios with GPS enabled will appear by default on your dispatch console map screen, which opens up upon logging into the iConvNet dispatch console.

For further technical support, please reach out to your local dealer.

Please check the following steps before trying to log in from another PC.

  1. Is the programming software the latest version? If not, please ensure it is up-to-date.
  2. Are you using an original Inrico programming cable compatible with the device?
  3. Is the driver installed correctly?
  4. Is the COM port physically damaged?
  5. Is the radio turned-on?
  6. Is the firewall or anti-virus software turned-on. Your firewall and anti-virus may be blocking the connection. Try turning them off.

You need to use Inrico's programming software or screen projection software to input the WiFi password. Contact us if you have questions 

You are probably not a member of the group, or not authorized to talk in this group. Please make sure the PoC radio has been added to the group they are trying to reach. Members can be added to groups from the iConvNet Dispatch console. Reach out to your dispatch operator to confirm your group membership. However, if you only use iConvNet, but do not have dispatch, contact us to help address your concerns.

GPS signal may be blocked by the surroundings, such as buildings. Please move to an open area and try again.

It may be caused by running too many programs and apps simultaneously on your Inrico PoC radio. Please turn off some of the programs or restart the radio.

  1. Your radio may have a low battery voltage. Recharge the radio or replace the battery. Find replacement batteries in our store 
  2. Your radio may be on a low volume level. Adjust accordingly via the volume control knob or buttons - depending on the model you are using.
  3. The antenna may be loose or installed incorrectly. Turn off the radio, remove and reattach the antenna.
  4. The speaker is blocked by too much dirt or damaged. Clean the radio or send it for maintenance. You can reach out to us for maintenance 

Touch screen does not respond, please restart it by pressing the on/off button for 15 seconds. It should be fine after restarting. If not, please contact us for more support.

You can download Inrico APK from Google App Store or Apple App Store by searching for "Inrico APK". Click the links below for direct access:

Typically, a non-display radio supports up to 16 groups, while there is no limit for radios with the full-size displays.

  1. Please check if the device is configured with the correct server IP
  2. Please check if the PoC radio is registered in the management platform. If you do not have a management platform, you can reach out to us to assist you with device registration.

The Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery undergoes an 8.7v constant current and then constant voltage charging process. Initially, the indicator is red, and the charging current is 0.6 - 0.8A during fast charging. Once fully charged, the current is reduced to 200 mA, and the indicator turns green.

Despite reaching full charge, a low current is maintained to keep the battery as full as possible. In contrast, the lithium battery is charged with a voltage below 8.4 volts, and its charging termination voltage is determined by the charger and the lithium battery, mainly through voltage detection. When the voltage reaches the threshold, the charger's internal circuit is immediately switched off automatically to help protect the battery.

Continuing to charge after the indicator turns green is unnecessary.

Radio Battery
  1. Use only batteries approved by Inrico for Inrico PoC radios.
  2. Exercise caution to prevent metal conductors, such as jewelry, keys, or beads, from contacting the exposed electrodes of the battery to avoid damage or personal injury. Handle charged batteries carefully, especially when placing them in pockets or containers with metal objects.
  3. Charge batteries within a temperature range of 5 to 40 °C. Operating outside this temperature range may impact battery life and hinder the full charging of its rated capacity.

A fully charged battery usually lasts 24-18 hours in standby mode. Depending on the frequency of push-to-talk and receiving, it might last less than 10-15 hours.

The battery is at the end of its life. Please replace the battery. Usually, a Ni-MH battery has maximum of 300-400 charging times, and a Lithium battery a maximum of over 400 times.

Maintenance and Safety Precautions
  1. Over prolonged use, buttons, control knobs, and the housing may gather dirt and contaminants. To clean, remove control knobs and wipe the housing with a damp cloth using a neutral detergent. Avoid strong chemicals and petroleum preparations that may harm the front panel and housing.
  2. Handle the radio with care and refrain from gripping it by the antenna.
  3. When not in use, cover earphones and other accessories to protect them from dust.

To prevent issues arising from electromagnetic interference (EMC), refrain from using the device in areas displaying the "turn off the radio" sign, such as hospitals or during medical equipment use. Additionally, comply with regulations and power off the terminal when boarding an airplane.

  1. In vehicles equipped with airbags, ensure that the radio is not positioned within the airbag inflation zone. Placing the radio in this area may result in secondary damage, as the impact of an inflated airbag could propel the radio, posing a potential risk of harm to passengers.
  2. In environments with combustible gas or dust posing a hazard, the radio should only be operated if it is certified as intrinsically safe.
  3. Avoid replacing or charging the battery in areas with combustible gas or dust, as the installation and removal of batteries may generate sparks, leading to potential explosions.
  4. Power off the radio before entering zones with blasting activities or detonator apparatus to ensure safety.
  1. Utilize original antennas or those explicitly authorized by Inrico. The use of unauthorized or modified antennas may breach local spectrum regulations, posing legal risks for the user. Inrico PoC radio antennas 
  2. Avoid holding the radio by its antenna.
  3. When attaching an antenna, refrain from overtightening to prevent breakage.
  4. Do not remove the antenna during transmission to avoid potential damage to the power tube.
  5. Exercise caution and refrain from using a damaged antenna, as contact during transmission could result in minor burns to the skin.

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