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SureCall Fusion Professional 2.0 - 8 Band Booster Kit
The first and only 5G ultra-wideband Signal Booster in Canada to support 8 bands with double the boosted spectrum when compared to the closest competitor with three additional frequency bands.
999.99 999.99 CAD
SureCall Fusion2Go 3.O OTR Trucker Booster Kit
Boost 5G/4G LTE signals with the most powerful cell booster for semi-trucks, work vans, SUVs, RVs and fleet vehicles.
699.99 699.99 CAD
SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Wireless Booster Kit
Most Powerful Cell Phone Signal Booster for RVs/Trailers
699.99 699.99 CAD
SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 5 Band Mobile Wireless Cellular Booster
Stay connected with reliable 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE connectivity on the road with the best gain and power for a cell phone signal booster designed for the car, truck or SUV.
599.00 599.0 CAD
SureCall Flare - 5 Band Booster Kit
Significantly Improve your cell phone signal for all Canadian carriers inside any home, cabin, small building or office up to 3,500 square feet.
499.00 499.0 CAD
SureCall 5G Ultra Slim Dome Antenna
Designed to blend seamlessly into any environment, the 5G Ultra Thin Antenna is a low-profile ceiling antenna for in-building cell phone signal boosters.
149.95 149.95000000000002 CAD
Cellular Outdoor Wedge Antenna 75 Ohm
Wide band high-gain directional 75 Ohm antenna with F-Female connector designed for SureCall in-building cell phone signal boosters.
129.99 129.99 CAD
SureCall Fiber Glass Omni Antenna (N Female)
SureCall 4 dBi Fiberglass Wide Band Omni Directional Antenna, 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz, 9.5" Length, N-Female Connector.
129.99 129.99 CAD
4 Way Splitter Wideband
SurePower 50 Ohm 4-Way Power Splitter, -6 dB, 600-2700 MHz, N Female, Square Body
110.00 110.0 CAD
SureCall Force 5 AC Power Supply
SureCall AC/DC 19V 4.7A Power Supply w/DC Jack. Use for Force 5.
98.00 98.0 CAD
Cellular -6dB Tap (N-Female) Coupler
For use in signal distribution systems to split the amplified signal for the mutiple inside antennas with minimum signal loss
75.00 75.0 CAD
SureCall 3.8" Low-Profile Magnetic Mount Antenna
Stay connected anywhere with this next generation high-gain antenna from SureCall that is equipped with a strong magnetic base that can hold up in the harshest Canadian conditions.
24.99 24.990000000000002 CAD
SureCall AC Power Supply for Fusion 5S/5X
12V 3.8A power adapter for SureCall in-building Fusion5s and Fusion5x cell signal boosters.
69.99 69.99 CAD
SureCall DC 12V Cig. Power Adapter
12V 5A power adapter for SureCall vehicle cell phone signal boosters, including the Flex2Go, Fusion2Go, Fusion2Go 2.0 and Fusion2Go 3.0.
39.99 39.99 CAD
SureCall Fusion2Go 12V DC Power Supply
SureCall AC 6V 2.8A Power Supply for Fusion2Go 3.0 and Fusion4Home
32.95 32.95 CAD
SureCall FME Female Whip Antenna
SureCall Dual Band Right Angle Rubber Antenna 800/1900 MHz
26.00 26.0 CAD
SureCall Fusion2Go Patch Antenna
#SC110W - Wide band interior patch antenna with FME-Female connector designed for use with SureCall vehicle and RV cell phone signal boosters.
24.95 24.95 CAD
Surecall Whip Antenna with N Male Connector
Wide band omni-directional indoor whip antenna with N-Male connector for use with SureCall in-building cell phone signal boosters.
20.00 20.0 CAD