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SurePower 14 dBi Wide Band Yagi Antenna
14 dBi wide band 50 Ohm directional antenna, future-proofed to cover a wide range of frequencies from 617 to 4000 MHz.
349.00 349.0 CAD
SurePower Wide Band MIMO Cellular Antenna (N Female x2)
SurePower 7 / 9 dBi MIMO Wide Band Directional Panel Antenna (698-860 MHz / 1710-2700 MHz) with 2 x N-Female Connectors.
69.99 69.99 CAD
Cellular Outdoor Wedge Antenna 50 Ohm
SurePower 11 dBi Wide Band Yagi Directional Antenna (698-960 MHz / 1710-2700 MHz) with N-Female Connector.
129.99 129.99 CAD
Cellular Outdoor Wedge Antenna 75 Ohm
Wide band high-gain directional 75 Ohm antenna with F-Female connector designed for SureCall in-building cell phone signal boosters.
129.99 129.99 CAD
Wirox Directional 11 dBi Cellular Antenna (N Female)
High gain antenna of up to +11 dB and compatible with all 50ohm signal boosters for improved 3G, 4G LTE signal performance and fewer dropped calls. Extremely useful in rural areas or areas with poor cell signal.
89.99 89.99 CAD
Wirox Indoor Wall Mount Panel Antenna (N Female)
Enhance your cellular signal with the Wirox Wide-Band Indoor Panel Antenna. Specifically designed for 50 Ohm Signal Boosters, this antenna delivers impressive gains of up to +8 dB. Its high efficiency and compact design ensure optimal performance while making installation a breeze.
69.99 69.99 CAD
Ceiling Mount Dome Antenna (N-Female)
SurePower 2.5 dBi / 3.5 dBi Ceiling Mount Dome Antenna, Vertical Polarized, 698-960 MHz and 1700-2700MHz, N- Female Connector
69.99 69.99 CAD