• Open Box
Milesight UG65 Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway
Quad-core industrial processor with large memory equipped with an SX1302 chip that handles a high amount of traffic with lower consumption. Has 8 half/full-duplex channels
499.99 499.99 CAD
Inrico T529A 4G/LTE PoC Portable Radio
Push to talk over Cellular for nationwide communications. Price reduced!
149.98 149.98 CAD
Inrico T320 4G/LTE PoC Portable Radio (Open Box)
Open Box Inrico T320 - heavily tested, and designed for your convenient use with touch screen and PTT button.
199.98 199.98000000000002 CAD
SurePower Wide Band MIMO Cellular Antenna (N Female x2)
SurePower 7 / 9 dBi MIMO Wide Band Directional Panel Antenna (698-860 MHz / 1710-2700 MHz) with 2 x N-Female Connectors.
69.99 69.99 CAD
SureCall 3.8" Low-Profile Magnetic Mount Antenna
Stay connected anywhere with this next generation high-gain antenna from SureCall that is equipped with a strong magnetic base that can hold up in the harshest Canadian conditions.
24.99 24.990000000000002 CAD
Inrico B01 Android/iOS Bluetooth Microphone (Open Box)
Recommended for use with portable and mobile Inrico PoC Radios. However, this device is designed to connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device with limited functionality.
59.98 59.980000000000004 CAD
WLN KD-C1 Two Pack GRMS Radio
2-pack of WLN KD-C1 GMRS Radios, each with their complete supporting accessories.
44.99 44.99 CAD
iConvNet PoC Application + Cellular Data
Inrico PoC application with 500MB of Telus Cellular Canadian data. $25/month per device.
25.00 25.0 CAD per month
PoC Cellular Data Access 500 MB/Month
Get up to 500 MB of data for your PoC communications, only from reliable service providers. Details to be clarified upon sign-up.
15.00 15.0 CAD per month
iConvNet (PoC) Monthly Application
Inrico PoC application only for use with Android/iOS smartphones or devices that have data (cellular/Wi-Fi access). $10/month per device
10.00 10.0 CAD per month
iConvNet PoC Dispatch for PC (Per Dispatch/Monthly)
Inrico's professional Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) dispatch software for unified communications management.
10.00 10.0 CAD per month