Chev/GMC 1500 19-21 Dash Bracket

#751101619 - PanaVise cell phone and media mount, compatible with CHEVY/GMC 1500, 2500, 3500 (19-21)

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    Product Description

    This PanaVise cell phone and media mount, compatible with CHEVY/GMC 1500, 2500, 3500 (19-21). Find more specifications below or let us know if you need more information.

    Read instructions completely prior to starting installation. All InDash Mounts are designed so that after installation, phone is facing normal driver position for lefthand drive vehicles. This mount is not designed to be used in foreign countries with right-hand drive vehicles. Use extreme care when working around the plastic components on the dash. Excess force, can cause breakage of the plastic components.

    Installation Instructions

    • STEP #1: With Dash tool remove the bezel around the Radio, starting from the lower corners and working your way arround the bezel. There are (9) clips, see image below for clip location.
    • STEP #2: Using a T15 or T20 Torx Driver, remove (4) screws that secure the bezel/cluster that surrounds the screen and climate control as shown on picture.
    • STEP #3: With hands, apply upward presure to the bezel that surrounds the screen and carefully pull just enough to release upper clips and to be able to slide the InDash mount under the upper left or right screw hole and locating pin.
    • STEP #4: Place the lower (751101619) InDash Mount center hole under the bezel and on locating pin. Once the Indash Mount is in place, push bezel/cluster back into place and re install the 4 screws.
    • STEP #5: Replace the bezel removed on step #1
    • STEP #6: Install the Upper InDash Mount (75006) to the Lower InDash Mount with accorn nuts provided.


     Download Instruction Manual


    Part number751101619
    Models & Years
    • CHEVY- 1500 Silverado (2019-2021)
    • 2500/3500HD Silverado (2021)
    • GMC - 1500 Sierra (2019-2021)
    • 2500/3500HD Sierra (2021)
    Mounting locationAbove Radio/Display
    Tools required for installation
    • Dash Tool, Hook Tool
    • T15 & T20 Torx Driver
    Parts Included
    • (1) 751101619 Lower Mount
    • (1) 75006 Upper Mount
    • (2) 8-32 Acorn nuts