President BT Microphone & PTT

Ideal accessory to keep your hands free. Compatible with all PRESIDENT 6-pin CB and 10M radios.

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    Product Description & Key Features

    Keep your hands free!

    President's innovative new remote microphone attaches conveniently to your steering wheel, allowing you to keep your hands securely positioned at 10 and 2 while driving, without needing to reach for the original microphone. Equipped with a noise reduction circuit (NRC), this microphone effectively eliminates unwanted background noise from the vehicle or road, ensuring clear communication.

    Featuring two front-mounted buttons, you can easily change channels and adjust the sensitivity of the noise reduction directly from the microphone. Installation is quick and straightforward. Simply find a suitable spot on your steering wheel, securely attach the mount, and slide the microphone into place. Plug the Bluetooth dongle into the 6-pin mic jack on your President radio, power on the device, and activate the microphone switch. A voice prompt will confirm that the microphone is powered on and connected, completing the setup process effortlessly.

    Additionally, President includes a USB cable for convenient recharging of the microphone's lithium battery when not in use, providing added convenience and flexibility.

    • Remote Microphone Straps to a Steering Wheel
    • Compatible with PRESIDENT 6-pin CB and 10M radios.
    • Microphone with NRC (5 levels noise reduction)
    • UP/DOWN (You can reverse up/down to adapt it to the chosen position.)
    • “Push-to-Talk” PTT button
    • Weight: 52 g / 1.83 oz

    Technical Information

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    Ref./model number:
    Microphone Connector: 6-pin PRESIDENT


    Noise Reduction Circuit


    Rechargeable Lithium

    Power Connection:

    Power Connection


    President Lincoln II+, George FCC, Bill II FCC, Walker III FCC, Harrison FCC, McKinley I & II, Ronald, Richard, Johnny III, Taylor FCC, Johnson II, Thomas FCC

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