BelFone BF-TM8500 UHF Mobile Radio

Enables your workers to connect without distraction, whether they’re delivering cargo, dispatching trucks or transporting passengers.

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    Frequency Band: UHF
    Radio Brand: BelFone
    Channel Capacity: 1024

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    Product Description

    This mobile radio is a reliable, cost-efficient solution to keep your team communicate, coordinate and collaborate for maximum efficiency and safety. With features of 50W high power for long-range communication, access to conventional DMR systems to enjoy call capacity and clear voice communications, etc., the radio enables your workers to connect without distractions, whether they’re delivering cargo, dispatching trucks or transporting passengers.

    Digital Features include:

    • Private Call
    • Remote Monitor
    • Emergency Alarm
    • Group Call
    • Digital Encryption
    • All Call
    • Radio Check
    • SMS
    • Remote Kill/Revive

    Analog Features include the following features:

    • Busy Channel Lockout
    • Squelch Levels
    • Narrow/Wide Band

    Transmit Interrupt

    This function enables a supervisor to interrupt a radio conversation in order to clear a channel for more important communications.

    Remote Kill/Revive

    Such functions greatly facilitate dispatching work and can be especially useful if you want to kill a lost radio.

    Automatic Roaming

    In an IP multi-site network, BF-TM8500 can automatically roam from site to site and stay connected, delivering seamless communications.

    Radio Priority-Based Interruption

    This function enables a radio with a higher level to interrupt communication between radios with lower levels, giving higher priority to radios with higher levels. This means better dispatching efficiency.

    Adjustable power

    Our flexible BF-TM8500 comes with 3 adjustable power levels. The user can use 50W high power to further extend talk range or switch to lower power levels to extend radio standby time, according to his specific needs.

    Secure Communications

    Use digital encryption to code and decode all voice calls, and support both dynamic and static encryption for secure communications.

    Technical Information

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    Frequency Range

    VHF: 400-480MHz

    Channel Capacity




    Channel Spacing


    Working Voltage

    DC13.8V (±15%)

    Frequency Stability


    Antenna Impedance



    175(L)* 175(W)* 63(H) mm



    Operating Temperature


    Storage Temperature