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President MLA-145 5/8 Wave Magnetic CB Antenna
A Magnetic 26-28 MHz Antenna complete with a Rotatable 90 Degree Whip Holder.
189.99 189.99 CAD
President New Virginia 1/4 Wave Magnetic CB Antenna
Previously known as The NEW YORK-UP, the New Virginia stands as a discreet and compact magnetic CB antenna, tailored for vehicles where subtlety is essential.
109.99 109.99000000000001 CAD
President Alabama 5/8 Wave Radial Whip CB Antenna
A 500-watt antenna with higher gain than a quarter wave. High-performance base loaded design, adjustable angle whip, just over 5ft tall, and Weather Radio ready with a clear housing on the load coil.
109.99 109.99000000000001 CAD
President Maryland 5/8 Wave Radial Whip CB Antenna
This bottom loaded 4.8 Ft CB antenna comes with effortless tuning rings, and packs an impressive 500-watt punch!
99.99 99.99000000000001 CAD
President BT Microphone & PTT
Ideal accessory to keep your hands free. Compatible with all PRESIDENT 6-pin CB and 10M radios.
79.99 79.99 CAD
Wirox CB Antenna
Designed for CB radio installations that lack a suitable ground plane, this antenna features chrome plated fittings. The 2 inch base supports the rod sections above with no need for a ground plane.
79.99 79.99 CAD
President Digimike
This mic effectively eliminates bothersome background noises from your transmissions.
79.99 79.99 CAD
President Iowa 1/4 Wave Radial Whip CB Antenna
Unlock the convenience of a PRESIDENT CB antenna! Just plug this antenna, adjust the rings and you're set!
79.99 79.99 CAD
President Randy Speaker Microphone
Ideal Enhancement for President Handheld Radios.
54.99 54.99 CAD
President Randy Flexible S-20 Antenna
Replacement antenna for the PRESIDENT Randy Handheld CB Radio.
39.99 39.99 CAD
President Randy Desktop Charging Dock
Desktop charging dock for the President Randy CB radio.
38.99 38.99 CAD
President Randy Power Adapter
This product includes the replacement bottom attachment for the PRESIDENT Randy DC power adapter.
32.99 32.99 CAD
President Randy Car Charger Power Cable
Power up your President Randy handheld CB radios with this 12VDC lighter plug power cord.
27.99 27.990000000000002 CAD
President Mobile CB Power Cable With Cig Plug
Allows the seamless connection of your PRESIDENT CB radio to power via cigarette plug of your vehicle.
18.99 18.990000000000002 CAD
President Mobile CB Power Cable
Allows you to connect your PRESIDENT CB radio to the vehicle's power source where it's installed.
16.99 16.990000000000002 CAD