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President MLA-145 5/8 Wave Magnetic CB Antenna
A Magnetic 26-28 MHz Antenna complete with a Rotatable 90 Degree Whip Holder.
189.99 189.99 CAD
President New Virginia 1/4 Wave Magnetic CB Antenna
Previously known as The NEW YORK-UP, the New Virginia stands as a discreet and compact magnetic CB antenna, tailored for vehicles where subtlety is essential.
109.99 109.99000000000001 CAD
President Alabama 5/8 Wave Radial Whip CB Antenna
A 500-watt antenna with higher gain than a quarter wave. High-performance base loaded design, adjustable angle whip, just over 5ft tall, and Weather Radio ready with a clear housing on the load coil.
109.99 109.99000000000001 CAD
President Maryland 5/8 Wave Radial Whip CB Antenna
This bottom loaded 4.8 Ft CB antenna comes with effortless tuning rings, and packs an impressive 500-watt punch!
99.99 99.99000000000001 CAD
Wirox CB Antenna
Designed for CB radio installations that lack a suitable ground plane, this antenna features chrome plated fittings. The 2 inch base supports the rod sections above with no need for a ground plane.
79.99 79.99 CAD
President Iowa 1/4 Wave Radial Whip CB Antenna
Unlock the convenience of a PRESIDENT CB antenna! Just plug this antenna, adjust the rings and you're set!
79.99 79.99 CAD
President Randy Flexible S-20 Antenna
Replacement antenna for the PRESIDENT Randy Handheld CB Radio.
39.99 39.99 CAD