President Lincoln II+ AM/FM/SB/CW 10M Radio

This will be your 10 And 12 Meter Amateur Radio Solution. Packed full of features with outstanding SSB performance straight out of the box.

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    Product Description & Key Features

    This digital amateur HAM radio builds upon the legacy of its predecessor, the original President Lincolns, with modern enhancements. Smaller in size and adorned with the ability to switch background display colors (amber, blue, or green), it adapts to your preferences seamlessly. An added Automatic Squelch Control (ASC) suppresses background noise when the squelch control is fully lowered; pushing the control upwards disables ASC, granting manual squelch adjustment.

    Key Features Include:

    • Modes: AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW
    • VFO Mode: Continuously scan from 24.890 MHz to 24.990 MHz and 28.000 MHz to 29.700 MHz.
    • Manual Squelch and ASC: Experience Automatic Squelch Control that suppresses unwanted noise.
    • Multi-color Display: Choose between Amber, Green, and Blue display colors.
    • Filters: Benefit from ANL filter, NB, and HI-CUT that eliminate undesirable noise.
    • Channel and Memory Scan: Effortlessly scan frequencies for activity.
    • 6 Memory Channels: Store up to 6 channels for quick access.
    • Repeater Tones: Utilize CTCSS (38 tones) and DCS (104 codes) for repeater communication.
    • Dimmer: Adjust the backlight brightness as needed.
    • Modes: Enjoy AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW and PA modes.
    • Dual Watch: Monitor 2 frequencies simultaneously.
    • SWR Protection and Voltage Protection: Safeguard your radio from antenna system SWR issues and high voltage scenarios.

    Latest Features Include:

    • Enhanced Echo with Fully Adjustable Delay
    • Increased Power Output (50 Watts PeP)
    • 6-Pin Wireless Microphone Compatibility
    • Expanded Frequency Coverage, Now Including 12 Meters!