President Taylor AM CB Radio

Streamlined and User-Friendly Design with Convenient Front-Mounted USB Charging Port, Multi-Color Display, and Integrated SWR Meter.

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    Product Description & Key Features

    Compact and effortless to operate! The size of the PRESIDENT Taylor AM CB Radio is smaller than the Cobra 25, while ensuring more comfortably spaced buttons and access to controls without crowding. With the ability to receive NOAA weather stations and alerts, plus an instant switch to instantly take you to a desired channel in case of a wreck or other emergencies. This radio is designed for convenience and safety.

    As an added benefit, you can adjust the display color and brightness to ensure easy visibility without glare. Check out some key features of the Taylor AM - CB Radio below:

    • 40 channels AM
    • Muilti-Color Display
    • Built-in SWR Meter - Found in the function menu
    • Receives NOAA - Weather Stations and Alerts
    • Built-In - USB 5V 2.1A Jack

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