Wirox 1.2m/4ft (N Male/RP SMA Male) LMR240 Equivalent Low Loss Coaxial Cable


Made for high-frequency applications over a short distance. With N Male and an RP SMA male connectors.

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    Cable Connectors: N Male to RP SMA Male

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    Product Description

    ​This Low Loss LMR240 equivalent cable is made for high-frequency applications over a short distance. On one end of the cable is an N Male connector which could go directly to an N Female outdoor antenna. On the other end is an RP SMA male connector that would go to a Bobcat 300, RAK V2, Nebra Indoor, SenseCAP M1, Kerlink, Linxdot, Syncrob.it, Helium Hotspot or Kerlink.

    LMR & LMR-240® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems

    Technical Information

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    Cable Type:
    Connector 1:
    N Male
    Connector 2:
    RP SMA Male
    Outer Diameter:
    0.24" or 6.1 mm
    50 Ohm
    Total Cable assembly loss
    0.451 dB