Wirox (RP SMA Male/RP SMA Female) Low Loss Flat Coaxial Window Cable


A solution for connecting your internal Helium Hotspot box to your outdoor Antenna cable.

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    Cable Connectors: RP SMA Male to RP SMA Female

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    Product Description

    This is a solution for how to connect your internal Helium Hotspot box to your outdoor Antenna cable. The flat coaxial cable avoids drilling holes through window frames or walls to pass the Antenna cable through. This thin, flat Low Loss coaxial cable is designed to pass through existing window frames, patio doors, and under standard doors - without the need for any drilling. Open your window or patio door, place the flat cable in the frame and carefully close the window or patio door.

    Not quite sure if your antennas, cables, and accessories are compatible, you can reach out to us. We can build whatever coaxial cable you need!

    Technical Information

    Please contact us if you want more information.

    Cable Length:
    12"/30 cm
    Cable Width:
    1/2"/1.5 cm
    Connector 1:
    RP SMA Male
    Connector 2:
    RP SMA Female