President Maryland 5/8 Wave Radial Whip CB Antenna

This bottom loaded 4.8 Ft CB antenna comes with effortless tuning rings, and packs an impressive 500-watt punch!

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    Product Description & Key Features

    Step up to the bigger and more powerful version of the IOWA - the PRESIDENT MARYLAND 5/8 Wave Radial Whip CB Antenna. Standing tall at almost 5 feet, the MARYLAND shares most of the awesome qualities of the IOWA. It's got the handy tuning rings for easy SWR tuning, but here's the kicker: the Maryland can handle a whopping 500 watts! The same top-notch construction and materials are there, so if you're cool with its almost 60" height, it's a no-brainer to choose the RW MARYLAND. But hey, if you're all about keeping things shorter, the IOWA's got your back.

    Key Features of PRESIDENT Maryland RW Antenna Include:

    • 5/8 wave design: Elevate gain beyond a quarter wave
    • 1.1/1 adjustable SWR: Streamlined tuning with easy-to-use set rings
    • 500 Watt P.E.P.: Unleash ultra performance capabilities
    • 2000 KHz / 200 ch: Seamlessly operates across an expansive frequency range
    • Base compatibility of 3/8": Standard threads for most antenna brackets
    • AC4 Stainless steel: Crafted for impeccable, rust-resistant construction

    And here's the best part: Rest easy with PRESIDENT's Manufacturer Warranty, covering your antenna investment for a solid 10 years against manufacturing defects. For all the details, head over to the PRESIDENT website.

    Technical Information

    PRESIDENT recommends the use of a cable with a length less than 13 feet (4 m). See antenna specifications below or contact us if you want more information.

    Antenna Type: 5/8 wave
    Impedance: 50 Ohms
    Frequency: 26-28 MHz
    Polarization: Vertical
    S.W.R. Value: 1.1/1 adjustable
    Maximum Power: 500 Watt P.E.P.
    Bandwidth / Number of Channels: 2000 KHz / 200 ch
    Length: 57.87 inches - 1470 mm
    Base Type: Base 3/8
    Whip Material: AC4 Stainless steel
    Weather Channel Compatible: